About us

Our values


We respect human life and nature with an extremely deep sense of responsibility.


From day one, we’ve focused on looking for new fragrances by working closely with our primary customers.

Dependable resources

Les Aromes du Maroc implements the following principles to progress and comply with its vision of sustainable development:

– Respect for human and labor rights

– Management of water, waste and energy

– Resilience to climate change

– Conservation of plant material and natural habitats

– Soil management and agrochemicals

– Animal well-being


Our Guarantees

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Our History

Les Arômes du Maroc has been supplying the world’s fine perfumery sector for many years. Our international reputation spans more than 70 years of close partnership with fragrance masters in Grasse.

Our markets

Les Arômes du Maroc is the unsurpassed supplier to the most important locations in world perfumery (Grasse, Paris, New York, New Jersey, Tokyo and indeed, Geneva, etc.). We supply all industry sectors from aromas and perfumery, to cosmetics, aromatherapy, phytotherapy and dried herbs markets.

Our sustainable approach

Our company was founded in 1938 and as a leader in its sector, our development could only ever have been sustainable. Our clients can generate a direct effect on that which lends meaning to our goals — that is, our flowers and our harvesters. This is our way of expressing our respect for human life and for Mother Nature.

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Quality and security

Our agricultural production is GLOBALGAP certified, and our products comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards. In addition to the quality assurances that this allows us to offer, we’re now able to meet partners’ requirements in relation to supply security.

We are proud to belong to

Les Aromes du Maroc is a member of UEBT: we have adopted a plan and we are on a journey to advance sourcing practices that promote a wolrd in which all people and biodiversity thrive. Www.uebt.org

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